Godin La’ Patrie Concert Classical Acoustic Guitar

Godin La’ Patrie Concert Classical Acoustic Guitar


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This classical guitar from LaPatrie, one of the brand’s acoustic-electric models, features the brand’s renowned body construction and a little electronic boost from Godin’s Q1T single-source system. From the build quality and component selection right down to the finished surfaces, this guitar is a statement in more ways than one, ready to elevate your playing to the level where it belongs.

Construction & Build
LaPatrie’s guitars all utilize excellent tonewoods, and this model is no exception. It features a solid cedar top with a dense woodgrain that runs parallel to the direction of string tension, delivering the best possible resonance and tonality before any kind of amplification enters the picture. Solid-top acoustic guitars, in addition to having great tone out of the box, age better than other construction methods.

Aside from the solid cedar top, the Concert CW is made with a mahogany back and sides, as well as a mahogany neck. Mahogany is a solid and resonant wood that provides a lot of stiffness for consistent and responsive playing, as well as a bright tone that responds well to being amplified.

Components & Accessories
To take this guitar’s natural sound to the next level, LaPatrie turned to Godin for the perfect electronics. From the team at LaPatrie: “Streamlined, simple and superior sound are just a few words to describe the optional Godin Q1T electronics available on La Patrie guitars. The single source system of the Q1T features an exceptionally responsive saddle-transducer and an efficient, easy to use preamp section with rotary controls for volume, treble and bass to shape your tone. In combination with the transducer, the EQ control range and frequency content have been specifically contoured to provide a very rich and full sound reproduction resulting in performance seen only in far more complex systems.”

The Q1T system features a saddle transducer, a built-in tuner with auto shutoff, a custom-voiced pre-amp, and a typical battery life of more than 200 hours. The preamp, the B-Band Crescent II, is shaped to conveniently fit the contour of the guitar’s soundhole. The controls of the preamp are neatly mounted in the upper portion of the soundhole for easy access with your fingertips. The Crescent II is powered by a 9V battery and has controls for volume, XOM blend control, UST and AST input gain, and a phase button, giving you full access to every aspect of your sound–the way it ought to be.


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